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Digital Marketing Assessment

Digital marketing encompasses every part of your business’s online presence, from the obvious (social media, online ads) to the behind-the-scenes work (SEO, website design, online PR). With so many moving pieces, it can be hard to step back and examine the larger picture.

Self-examination is fundamental to growing your business. When you take the time to really reflect on exactly what you are (and aren’t) doing, you discover new opportunities for improvement and growth.

We’ve created this short and simple digital marketing assessment to give you an idea of how well you’re covering the digital marketing basics. Of course, 10 questions isn’t enough to cover the whole scope of digital marketing. However, by focusing on the most fundamental areas, we hope to provide some helpful insights to entrepreneurs like you.

Most startups and new businesses will fall somewhere between a score of 25 and 60. And that’s okay. This isn’t about getting a “good grade”— it’s about doing some honest self-reflection in order to make smart decisions in your evolving digital marketing strategy.

See how you measure up and discover growth opportunities by taking the assessment here.