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What do you need that would help your business grow?

01 Getting started in business

Setting Realistic goals?

03 Getting ready for the challenge

How to choose your business name or rebranding?

02 Setting realistic time goals

Website traffic?

Getting your story and message honed

Getting your story and message honed?

04 Developing your product

Developing your product or service?

05 Marketing for 2019 and beyond including SEO

Social Media Engagement?

06 Role of social media including Facebook and Instagram

Finding the best Social Media platforms for you?

07 How to get started on platforms like Amazon to sell product

Role of social media including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIN?

How to get started on platforms like Amazon to sell product

How to get started on platforms like Amazon to sell product

08 Tools needed to be successful

Scaling your business?

You can form for questions we will try to help you with? Make sure you check out our Academy first.

Browse through our Online Acadamy for Free Resources

Success Envy shortcuts much of the information you would have to glean from books and websites by providing you with information to get your business upgraded in an easy to follow way. 

Sam Vandervalk ( is a successful entrepreneur and business coach who want to get your hands on information to make your business grow by giving you free resources written by him and other successful business developers and marketers.


A new trend is spending thousands of dollars on mentors and read many books. That is great, however most people should read through this website before spending the money on a mentor and pouring through all the latest books.

When you do decide to get a mentor (highly recommended), you will be better prepared with the right questions to ask.

People spend thousands of $ on mentors and marketing companies that simply don’t offer the value based on the level the person/business is at. This is THE PLATFORM that can help you achieve more than your business goals while also making your aware of what you should be looking for.

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